Desire of Neil Armstrong and YouTuber

What we pretend and what we are sometimes are not similar .I think most of the time it is not similar at all. World is shrinking under the fist of social media. We are connected through-Every social media apps . But we see any photos , we see any video we want to be like that , we want to be recognized the same way like big celebrities and people get in stress when they don’t have any of the slightest recognition.

Let me explain in one way-

The pyramid you are seeing is very easy to understand , starting from down which is very basic . If we are getting food,water,rest and safety we are good we can live happily. But as a human nature we are not satisfied. Also in this materialistic and social world , adding to that Man is a Social Animal we jump and seek more needs and we move up in this Maslow’s pyramid which is Love, relations, prestige and feeling of accomplishment. Friends in many cases this is the cause of depression, Anxiety, panic , stressful life and lets be fucking honest now . Sometime we are hurt when we see happiness in other people life’s. We know they have what we don’t have . We know them personally and we know they are happy ,spending healthy life but we don’t have the same.And it is very difficult to deal with it we are stressful not becasue presently you have seen an insta pic or story of your friend living happy spreading some kind of positive vibes and too much likes and comment and you still laying in your bed with your head on the pillow figuring when i have this car or such a good life partner what your friend has ? And slowly you see many others like this . Something is blocking your mind .


1.You know what ? What i understand we fell stressed or i am in tension because we always think about past or future . What bad thing happened to me ? . What will happen in my life afterwards ? Will i be happy or not ?. Just cut that shit wash your face with cold water wipe it with towel or take a long shower and Remember the only way you can be happy when you are in present .Make a list what you like to do . Hobbies i must say anything -cooking,writing, collecting stamps even or if you still figuring out learn to play new musical instrument . See magic is in your mind which can eradicate unhappiness and the enchanted spell is when you have read “CUT THE SHIT” .Boom !

What you waiting just start stand up and wash your face.

World Changes color like Trending Videos in YouTube

2. When Neil Armstrong returned from moon (Still i suspect they haven’t gone) . Every Kid wanted to be an Astronaut .Now every kid’s wish is to be a You tuber. People are running -they need likes, they need followers , they need comments . But unfortunately they don’t need friends- To whom they can share the real pain besides this social media shit .I am asking who the fuck has started this race ? Who told you that if you have a happy life you need to share in Instagram – No one . Cant you enjoy with Alexa playing your favorite slow song with the whiskey glass in your hand after that a good dinner and you go to sound sleep without mentioning anything in the story or Pic . Cant you play your favorite musical instrument alone for sometime.And relax. Cant you open Instagram for one day and see things are so calm.

Thanks for Reading

Be safe mentally

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